Thursday, 19 September 2013

What is going on?!

Now that I have finished my lessons  and have some time for myself, I just want to sit down and share my thoughts with you about the last events in Greece.

Two days ago, a young man lost his life by someone who is a member of Golden Dawn (the extreme right party of our Parliament) because of his beliefs. It was a shock for me like for thousands of my country people and the first emotion that emerged in me was anger!!! Anger because I realise that we do not live in a free country. Yes, my country is not occupied by some conquerors! Yes, we have democracy and we vote for our government and the parties of our Parliament! But how can we claim that we are free since our rights to our beliefs get violated and people get beaten or lose their lives for that?

I strongly support everyone's right to have their political views as long as they do not violate my rights. History has proved that extreme political views lead to violence, human rights abuse. I am sorry but I just don't get it... Haven't they heard of Hitler? Haven't they heard of dictatorships? What makes them believe that they can enforce their policy and views? Trying to rule the other with force cannot last. It has an expiration date. It is a fact.

I pity those people. They don't realise that they are pawns in somebody's political games. They are not free to think for themselves. I know that crisis has led many people to impoverishment. Poverty can make you lose your dignity, change your principles. It is our choice which direction we take.  Should we blame the others or should we change the situation?

Greece, I am sorry but you have to take action! Stop staying numb and moaning... Nobody is going to save you! It is your duty to the generations to come, the young generations NOW!

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