Sunday, 13 October 2013

Think out of the box

Sunday evening, just a few hours left before a new week begins.

All day long I was thinking about the project I have started with my students about literature exchange around the world. I admit that this new idea stuck in my mind gave me new perspectives about teaching. I do not stay in the traditional way. I try to get my students involved, show them that there is so much they can gain from working on a literature piece.

Their gleaming eyes, their broad smiles are worth the attempt. I feel that I have inspired them, made them think out of the box. It is a challenge for me to arouse feelings, emotions in them by asking questions. I can't accept as an asnwer that they feel nothing when they read a poem or a text. It means they do not make an effort.

As for English teaching you can imagine how much they learn and practice. They talk about the topic, do research and scan English websites, write down paragraphs, intepret context and the list goes on.

What have I learnt? I have worked on new ways of thinking. It is much easier to come up with new ideas and how I can fulfill them. It is much easier to come closer to my students, share thoughts and enthusiasm

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