Thursday, 17 October 2013

Do I dare to dare them?

Having read Shelly Sanchez Terrell's post I dared to take the challenge and share my dream with you. For the last two-three weeks I have set my mind on a project about spreading literature into the world. My inspiration was Theodora Papapanagiotou who aims at cultural exchange and I really enjoyed participating in her project. Then, at some point, I posted poems of Greek writers both in Greek and English. That was the sparking! I started thinking how I can span my students, the English lesson and the world... And that was it!

The idea started growing in me. We chose three Greek literary works ( two poems and a text) and ever since we work on them. The participants are primary school pupils, high school students and freshmen. Their levels are A1+, B2 and C2 respectively. The reaction of the students? It couldn't be better! I haven't seen them so involved in a procedure before. They spontaneously loved the idea!

What are they gaining? 
The list could go on endlessly: they do research, scan texts, highlight the main information, talk about meanings, language treasures, emotions, write down their thoughts, compare the original text with the translated one. And all these in English! What more could a teacher ask for?

What am I gaining?
Well, first of all, I dared to take the challenge; there is more work from my part. I have to sit down and interpret the texts, do my own research, read analysis of experts.
I dared to dream big and be determined to make it true! Will I succeed? Does it really matter? I will have inspired my students, I might have contributed just a little bit in their development, not just linguistically but mentally as well. And if I manage to get English teachers around the world to be involved in the project and share their national literary treasures, that would be my best achievement... so far.

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