Sunday, 27 October 2013

Update my Digital Footprint #Goal 19

Reading Shelly Terrell's post I realized that I haven't updated my bio in several social media networks. I have an account in  FacebookTwitterabout.meLikedinGoogle+. I must admit my favourite one is Facebook since it was my first and oldest account in a social media network. Then I tried Twitter but I must confess that I don't visit it much as I find it too impersonal. My husband does not agree with me where he has over 5,000 followers!!! I guess men want brief and fast posts... As for Google+, it is quite convenient since I can share my blog posts directly by just a click. It is also connected with my gmail account and I get informed instantly whether there are comments on any of my posts.
Likedin is just for professional reasons and I can't say that it is the right means for me to promote my work. However, I find many colleagues there and I like that I can list specific teaching skills. They are well organized and promoted. My account is directly connected with my Facebook account which is very handy and I think there is no harm if you register in different social media. It is a way to show your work and promote your goals.
Shelly also suggests and Vizify but I will pass for the time being because I have no more time to spend on social media and I get stressed when I cannot keep up. But I have them on my mind.
Keep posting and sharing! You never know what opportunities are waiting around the corner!!!


  1. The great thing about Vizify is you don't need to manage it or be social. It's just an online profile. It's pretty quick to set-up, too! Great job on yours!

  2. Don´t worry Georgia! You are doing GREAT on Social Media!! I also get stressed when I cannot keep up with all the work I have to do!. Besides, my husband different from yours does not have FB account LOL! Best, Fabiana