Monday, 28 October 2013

So thankful! #Goal 15

Last night I was thinking who I should thank for my education and inner evolution. You may think I would start by thanking all my teachers at school or my professors at the university. I am sorry but I will disappoint you. I am not going to go through the typical procedure. I truly tried to bring a teacher to my mind but I failed. I don't feel that there was an educator who inspired me or built my confidence.I agree that most of them did their job professionally and taught me all the necessary material and skills to move on but that was as much as they could. I am thankful to my parents who offered me the best education!  

Who I really believe that I should thank are all of you: the educators at conventions, at webinars, on social media! With most of you I may not even meet face to face but all your comments and encouraging words keep me moving and developing. I feel that we share common ideas and look at the future full of hope! You inspired me to set new goals and share my thoughts!

So, simply keep inspiring! 

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  1. And thank you for your energy, honesty, and sharing.